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Organizing and Advocacy

Helping to build collective community power, and supporting leaders and communities seeking to deploy it to end mass incarceration, is at the heart of our work. Joining with and supporting directly impacted collaborators, we strategize collective-action projects, support a set of organizing and advocacy fellows, and build new tools in our organizing and advocacy workshop.


Strategizing to Build Tools of Collective Power

Working closely with communities, we are helping to build new tools of collective power and to develop a new movement-oriented approach to public defense that can be strategically deployed in organized campaigns to end mass incarceration.

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Learning, Supporting, Collaborating

Our organizing and advocacy fellowship program supports experienced and emerging leaders, helping them to grow their talents and campaigns while learning from their deep knowledge and insight.

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Building New Models of Advocacy

Structured as a clinic at Harvard Law School, our organizing and advocacy workshop is helping to develop new modes of community organizing and to marry them with new models of movement-oriented lawyering, with a particular focus on the role public defenders can play in supporting movements. Through this work, we are helping to grow the future tools to end mass incarceration and the future leaders and organizers who will put them to use.

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