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Amicus and Advocacy Work

Sharing our expertise, we support others in the movement to end mass incarceration.

Our team members include national experts on various aspects of the penal system, mass incarceration, and American criminal law. Their voices are regularly featured in national media outlets and their opinions are sought by advocates and policymakers across the country. Our work is not limited to courtrooms or classrooms. You can also find us supporting the movement to end mass incarceration by collaborating on amicus briefs, joining advocacy letters, publishing public commentary, and testifying before legislative bodies.

Read more about our work supporting others in the movement to end mass incarceration: 

IEMI joins over 185 Organizations Opposing Legislation Fast-Tracking a new Prison in eastern Kentucky

The letter is from the Building Community Not Prisons coalition, of which IEMI is a founding member.

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Executive Director Premal Dharia tells Congress to fight mass incarceration by ending injustices of pretrial detention

Dharia tells Congress that there are “important measures Congress could undertake to address our country’s addiction to incarceration.”

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IEMI Calls on Senators to end biased questioning of public defenders nominated to the bench

Letter urges Senate Judiciary committee to stop treating public defenders as “less well-prepared for the bench than lawyers from prosecutor and civil practice backgrounds.”

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Executive Director Premal Dharia discusses importance of revising the D.C. criminal code with Revision Commission

The Commission is considering substantial reforms.

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