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Anti-Carceral Lawyering

Working directly with communities and campaigns, our legal advocacy tackles the roots of mass incarceration. From resisting the growth of carceral infrastructure, to seeding collective interventions that target plea bargaining, to building up the power of juries, we make concrete steps forward against mass incarceration.
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The Carceral Infrastructure Project

Prisons and jails are the architecture of mass incarceration. Working with organizers across the country, we are helping lead the fight to stop them from being built.

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The Collective Defense Project

Standing alone, people facing prosecution are hit with the full force of the penal system. Standing together they could well force its radical decarceration. We are working to help strategize how.

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The Community in Courtrooms Project

Prosecutions and arrests harm entire communities. But community members can also work to end mass incarceration by exercising power within the adjudicative process – as jurors and grand jurors, working alongside public defenders to oppose incarceration.

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Our Amicus and Advocacy Work

Our work is not limited to courtrooms or classrooms. You can also find us supporting the movement to end mass incarceration by collaborating on amicus briefs, joining advocacy letters, publishing public commentary, and testifying before legislative bodies.

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