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Innovation and Ideas

Breaking down silos between diverse groups of thinkers and doers, we help to nurture and catalyze bold new ideas to end mass incarceration.



The Institute to End Mass Incarceration is the creator and publisher of Inquest, an online forum where the people doing the hard work of decarceration come together from diverse backgrounds and experiences to share and advance decarceral ideas, and to be heard.

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Our Fellows

Our fellows are skilled advocates, organizers, and leaders who draw on deep personal and professional experience with the penal system. Learn more about their work.

Brittany White

is a formerly incarcerated organizer creating new ways of building community power.

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Rachael Bedard

is a former physician at Rikers Island pursuing innovative research on the “graying” of the American prison system.

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James Binnall

is a professor at California State University pursuing research on the exclusion of people with felony convictions from American juries and the legal profession.

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Sylvia Ryerson

is a filmmaker, organizer, journalist, and scholar working against carceral expansion in Appalachia.

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Our Research

Drawing on our own expertise and working with partners in a variety of capacities, we help produce cutting edge research that can help to end mass incarceration. We collaborate with researchers across institutions to study root causes of mass incarceration, and effective interventions to address them. Members of our team also regularly produce scholarship and research papers that intersect with and amplify our work.