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Our Relationship

with Harvard University and Harvard Law School

The Institute to End Mass Incarceration is housed at Harvard Law School. We are privileged to be part of such a world-class community of thinkers, research institutes, and resources. Our Anti-Carceral Lawyering work in particular includes as a central component a clinic for Harvard Law School students; we are excited to be part of teaching the next generation of lawyers how they can meaningfully support social movements and decarceral efforts with the knowledge and capacity they gain through their education. 

Notwithstanding these connections, the Institute is a distinct and independent project within the Law School and University: the Law School, University, and Institute do not speak for one another and do not necessarily endorse or embrace opinions or efforts undertaken by each other. Likewise, though housed at Harvard, the Institute must raise its own funds for our administrative overhead and programmatic activities. To do this, we rely on generous grants and donations, in much the same way as other nonprofits that are not located within academic institutions.