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Our Mission Is In Our Name.

Helping to build power within and supporting the leadership of the communities most directly impacted by the penal system, we aim to eradicate mass incarceration, root and branch.

How We Think About and Approach Our Work

Mass incarceration is a sweeping social injustice, with deep roots and many branches. We want to be clear about our understanding of what it is, about what we mean when we say we are working to end it, and about how we aim to do that.

What Is Mass Incarceration

Mass incarceration is a phrase with many meanings. When we use it, we are talking about three related things.

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What the End of Mass Incarceration Looks Like

We don’t simply want to shrink the number of people harmed by mass incarceration—we want to help them build the power to end the harm, on their terms.

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How We Approach Our Work

We combine action and innovation to support those most harmed by mass incarceration to bring about its end.

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