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Corinne Shanahan

Student Attorney (2024)

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Corinne Shanahan is a Harvard law student and organizer from Buffalo, NY. After spending several years working in human services in a tiny prison town, Corinne came to law school seeking to join the movement for abolition. Here, she has found threads of abolition all over: in the labor movement, in restorative justice practices, in student organizing and in spaces of radical solidarity across the university. She continues to weave those threads together through her work in the Labor & Employment Action Project, National Lawyers Guild, Bell Collective for Critical Race Theory, Harvard Defenders, Law Students for a Free Palestine, and now IEMI. She spent her 1L summer fighting the heat and the state at the Orleans Public Defender Office. Corinne also has over a decade of experience in radio and is passionate about building community radio stations that remind us that we are “not finally and irrevocably dead” (Lorenzo Milam).

She learned to question the system through her mother, Linda, who relentlessly watched conservative news just to yell at the hosts.